Safety Training

Safety Training

Safety is our highest priority. Our most important safety assists are the mind-set of all of VT’s management and highly trained employees; to provide a safe return home to their loved ones at the end of each day. This is our number one responsibility. Consequently our safety record and MOD factor ranks have been in the highest range of the construction industry for the past 17 years.

Training:  A key to the success of our safety program is in our training. All of our field employees receive mandated federal and state training (MSHA or OSHA). Additionally we continually have face-to-face training sessions with our employees, in our weekly safety meetings and in our daily tailgate meetings at the commencement of work each day. A significant focus of our tailgate meetings is to consider all the possible “what ifs” what could potentially arise from that days scheduled work and we discuss how to prevent such events from ever occurring, all employees are involved and participate. Incident investigation is also of highest priority, thus allowing us to eliminate the accidents from ever occurring. Accident prevention is the central focus of the Safety Program. We also pay attention to trends and problems that have occurred elsewhere in our industry allowing us to fine tune and continually improve our safety program. Training is unceasing and it provides the means to engage what we have learned while reiterating the basics and any new mandated information and standards.

Over the years we have felt a need for our employees to be prepared for the unfortunate if it should occur, as a result all of our field employees are certified by the Red Cross in First Aid, CPR and AED use. All of our job site trailers on major projects are equipped with a First Aid Station, Defibrillator, Stretcher and Eye Wash Station. Additionally all of our field vehicles are equipped with first aid kits. Training is knowledge and it works, One example of this is when an employee stopped at an accident where the injured party was confused because of a head injury, some helpers wanted to move this person, our employee insisted on embolization until qualified emergency help arrived. Later it was discovered that this person had a broken neck, embolization at the accident scene resulted in a complete recovery.

VT employs Mr. James H. Coplan as our Safety Director. The Board of Safety Professionals certifies Mr. Coplan as a C.H.S.T. He is an MSHA part 48 surface blue card instructor and he is an authorized OSHA 500 & OSHA 501 instructor. His educational certification is in “Occupational Safety Management.” Prior to his employment with VT he spent fourteen years as the training/safety supervisor for one of the largest sand and gravel mining operations in the western United States. His experience and abilities allow much of our mandated training to be geared and directed primarily to our focus of experience as a company.

For years we have worked on divers’ projects both in general construction and in the mining industry, we have been exposed to numerous Owner and General Contractor’s safety programs and management requirements. Accordingly we have become conditioned to participate in numerous safety programs and safety management systems. This has provided an additional means for VT to refine our safety program on an ongoing basis. It has also reinforced our Management’s conviction that safety is an unceasing process and our core belief that safety is a continual process of learning, teaching, applying and documenting results with total commitment.




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