Ladd Gilbert

"We work to play."

Ladd Gilbert Jr.

"I need an inspection”

Sean Gilbert

"I'll be right there.....”

Jerry Thomson

"A little dirt never hurt anyone”

Mike Beloud

"That sounds about right"

Kerry Beach

"We are just big boys with big toys playing in the dirt!!!"

Justin Clark

"Oh no you're not putting my photo on the website."

Rob Myers

"Don't try, just do"

Bobby Hannah

"Load it up and we will haul it!"​

James H Coplan

"Safety isn't just a slogan."

Doug Beach

"Obey the rules!!!"

Thomas Perry

"Stake it......Fly it...."

Randy Nickerl

"I can build that."

Melissa Myers

"The two things in life that you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort."

Bill Gilbert

"Let me tell you a story..."

Colleen Thomas

"Welcome to VT!"

Jennifer Gilbert

"What's for lunch"

Margaret Moreno

"Turn in your insurance paperwork"

Kendy Mullenary

"Coffee, coffee, coffee......"

Elizabeth Carranza

"Helping others is my passion"

Lucy Miranda

"Sign these checks"

Alexis McCoy

"Time sheets are the key to pay days"

Rebecca Cruz

"Photo bombed by Pikachu"

Michele "Mickey" Rettinger

"Go Knights!!!"

Dan Gilbert

"Wanna hear a joke? hahaha..."

Denim Leigh

"You need only two tools in life. WD-40 & Duct Tape. If it doesn't move & should, use WD-40. If it moves & shouldn't use Duct Tape.”

Mark Orr

“How do we fit cubic yards in round loader buckets?”

Tuisdie Fidler

"Challenge accepted."

Skyler-Lynn Tattam

"The baby of VT"

Thomas Bell

"I'll miss ya!"

Joanna Erdo

"No worries!"

Shannen Beens

"It is what it is......"