We are an experienced Mining Contractor with a solid reputation that benefits our customers in the following ways:

SAFETY:  This topic is of such major importance that there is an entire section of the website dedicated to safety.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:  VT has been using GPS (Trimble) for earthwork and trenching since 1999.  Experience with this technology has developed our strong foundation in site modeling, GPS Rovers and Electronic Machine Controls.  GPS provides grade controls at the actual point of location were the grading is occurring.  GPS provides a safer work area by removing grade checkers from working around moving equipment and is an efficient and accurate means for earth work and trenching.

EXPANSIVE FLEET:  VT maintains a fleet of Cat Triple Seven 100 ton trucks, Cat 657 push pull Scrapers and Dozers, Loaders, Water Pulls, Trucks, Buses, Compactors, Crushers and a host of additional support equipment including maintenance and facilities equipment.  This foundation of equipment provides VT with the ability to meet customer schedules and needs from the smallest projects to the largest projects.

EXPERIENCE:  VT has completed many projects including; storage ponds,  tailing storage ponds, evaporative storage ponds with single and double lining, heap leach pads, HDPE piping, concrete structures and other items, in all sizes.  We have provided cut and engineered fill operations up to millions of cubic yards, top soil stockpiling, striping, crushing operations, Heap Leach Pads including excavation, engineered fill, clay lining, piping and drain course.  We have also completed High bank cuts with step downs, haul and access roads, drainage channels (lined and unlined), riprap, and reclamation work.

Man Camp

We believe less stress equals happy employees. Our Man Camp provides temporary housing for our Mining crew as well as transportation to and from the mine site.